Looking ahead…

Happy July 1st!!

I hope the summer has been treating you all well! And that you’ve gotten lots of reading in! 😉

I have a little run down of some ideas I have as to what I will be putting up on The Rowdy Librarian.

I’ve recently been guest posting on Rachel’s blog, Lit Laugh Learn (check her out, she’s awesome!) for LGBT awareness month in June. I will add those reviews on here as well in case you missed them there!

I will be guest posting on there with 2016 Caudill nominee reviews starting this month. I will be sure to link to them on here so you can check them out! I also will put the ones that we both have read and she is reviewing on her site, up here, so you can read mine and link to hers.

I am also planning on over the course of the year posting reviews for the 2016 Abraham Lincoln nominee books.

Here are links to the full lists for both of those: 2016 Abraham Lincoln Nominees & 2016 Rebecca Caudill Nominees

I will also be posting review of other books I’ve read during this time. I will be posting all my Young Adult & Middle Grade books here, while linking to my adult reviews at The Founding Fields, as Lady Salvatore.

I will also be recording some of my reviews for my fellow reviewer, and Commissar, at The Founding Fields for his podcast!

So many exciting things are ahead and I’m excited to have you all along for the ride! Keep your eyes open!

If there are any books or ideas you would like to see up here, please let me know!


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