Reading Philippa Gregory…for a Grade?!

So as you may know, I love historical fiction (and if you didn’t know, now you do!). One of my favorite authors being Philippa Gregory, author of the wildly popular The Tudor Court series. My first series by her was her Wideacre trilogy, which I highly recommend, it is one of my favorites. But she has also written a series about the families before the Tudors, the families Game of Thrones was based off of, called The Cousins’ War series.

philippa gregory

constant princess first in The Tudor Court series

wideacre 2  first in the Wideacre trilogy

lady rivers first in The Cousins’ War series


Turns out Philippa Gregory is not only popular with fiction readers, but with college professors & undergrad students! There is a Medieval Studies program at Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada. Why on earth was something like that not offered at Youngstown State? Hmm? Get on it YSU!

Safe to say I would move there and take this program in a heartbeat. They have a class where you read non-fiction about a certain person or time period, and then read Philippa Gregory’s The Cousins’ War novels and discuss what she changed, what she didn’t, why, etc. They also got to Skype with Philippa Gregory and talk about her books! Coolest. Class. Ever.

They also offer Harry Potter and Medieval CultureGame of Thrones and Medieval Culture, and a course in Introduction to Medieval Manuscripts. This major includes learning about dragons, philosophy, magic, and so much more! This is a history and historical fiction nerd’s dream come true. Please send me to this school, someone.

Check it out more, here: Coolest Major Ever.



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