A Map of Authors

Have you ever wondered if other readers associate the same authors together that you do? Do you find one author often reminds you of another? Or if you read one author’s book, you instantly think of another one you have to check up on? Better yet, have you ever read all your favorite author’s books and don’t know where to go next? Well look no further!

Literature Map is an awesome tool that will show you similar authors based on what other users have clicked when searching for a specific author. I really enjoyed seeing some of my favorites unexpectedly show up with other favorites.

Here’s a small visual on how it works!

gc map lit

I searched for Gail Carriger, which then took me to…

gc similar

From there if I clicked on “Gail Carriger” it would take me to a discussion board. But if I clicked on say…”Maria V. Snyder” I would get a whole new map, based around her similar authors based on what readers clicked…

mvs map

Try Literature Map out here and see who you can find! Maybe you’ll discover your new favorite author or remind yourself of an author or book you’ve been meaning to read!

Also, check out these fun literature maps!

Literary Map of London

Exhib artwork.indd

Map of Literature…created by a 17-year-old!

map of literature

Literary Map of St. Petersburg

st petersburg

Happy travels!


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