Book Club with Emma Watson?!

If you’re like me you’ve grown up reading Harry Potter and are absolutely in love with it.

“After all this time?”


Excuse me while I sob quietly in the corner for a minute…

Ahem, I’m back.

Well, if you did you had a favorite character. My favorite character, beyond a shadow of a doubt was Hermione GrangerA book nerd’s best friend, she was relatable and showed us all that it was okay to be smart, and to enjoy reading, and to be strong. When the movies came along, Emma Watson portrayed her brilliantly. She is now going to play another book girl’s favorite character, Belle, in the live action Beauty and the Beast. What more could this awesome woman do?

Why start a book club of course. That YOU can join!

Emma took to Twitter to figure out what to name her book club. Millions of fans came up with ideas, but one lucky lady’s stuck. Thus, Our Shared Shelf was born.

The book club is on Goodreads, which caused many people to join (yay for Goodreads!) and had many older members, such as myself, quickly hunting it down and joining.


As you may know Emma is an advocate for feminism, but not just for women. She heavily promotes that feminism is for everyone. It takes both men and women to make things equal. Her book choices include strong female women that can be an inspiration to anyone. These books are about EQUALITY, not about anyone being better than anyone else.

I think that is something great to promote, whether it is between men and women, haves and have-nots, public school and private school, etc. We are all in this together and the more we realize we are the same, maybe, just maybe, people will start being a little more kind to one another.

Thanks for starting this book club, Emma! Can’t wait to see what you choose!



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