Emily Blunt on a Train

What do you get when you mix Emily Blunt, Luke Evans, and gin & tonics that come in a can (gosh, I hope they keep those in the film…)? 

The Girl on the Train!

emily blunt tgott

This novel is about Rachel, a very unreliable, unstable, gin & tonic swilling, train rider. She is living her life day to day, when suddenly she sees something from her train window that sends her world spiraling.

The debut hit of 2015 this book flew off of the shelves and people tore through the pages.

I read it and I really liked it, though I did not like any of the characters (personality wise…I would not be their friends…), but I think that was the point.

I am super excited about the movie and curious to see how they adapt it for the screen. It will be set in the U.S., to further show the character’s isolation from her home country, but that sounds like one of the only big changes.

Also…Emily Blunt!!

(Speaking of…this app apparently thinks we look a like…

me and emily

Thanks Facebook! I can get down with that. I digress…)

I cannot wait to see what she brings to the character of Rachel (the most, eventually, sympathetic character in my opinion). Check out the other big names and exciting things in this film!

If you haven’t read it, I highly suggest you do so before the movie is released! Then let me know what you think! & keep an eye out for my full review to come!

Here’s hoping for an awesome adaptation!


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