Bones & All by Camille DeAngelis [Book Review]

Let me preface this post with a little description as to why this review is different. I currently review for School Library Journal and I wanted to practice writing reviews in their style before I submitted my initial application. This review is in the style as I would do it for them.

Also, Camille DeAngelis is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE authors and I am so grateful for this advanced copy that she sent me! If you have not read her books, I highly recommend that you do! This one won an Alex Award, which are awarded to adult fiction novels that would appeal to teens.

Hope you all enjoy!


DeAngelis, Camille. Bones & All. 304 p. St. Martin’s Press. March 2015.

Gr 9 Up – DeAngelis’s third novel puts a very different spin on a taboo topic, cannibalism. Maren has never been quite normal, despite her efforts. After her mother finds her with their neighbor’s eardrum in her mouth as a baby, they have constantly been on the run. Eventually Maren’s uncontrollable appetite sends her mother running and leaves Maren abandoned. She sets out on a quest to find her father, who she thinks is possibly like her. Along the way she meets others like her and discovers more about herself than she ever imagined. Despite her unusual appetite readers will find Maren and her journey relatable.

Adult and teen readers would both have an easy time picking up and reading the book as the writing style is not overly complex, yet not overly simplistic. Themes of abandonment, loss, and self-discovery are all explored during Maren’s journey. This novel is also a platform for the author to discuss her beliefs on how the meat industry affects the world. By discussing a difficult topic in such a new way, DeAngelis is able to show how there is often a different side to each story.

VERDICT – A great tale of self-discovery, with a dark twist for anyone looking for a book with depth and heart.


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