My name is Tegan and I guess the best way to describe myself would be as a book fiend. This blog is to help get my love for books out into the world and to be in touch with other book lovers, and maybe help some people that might not enjoy reading find something that they love.

I am currently employed at a high school library as a Technology Clerk. I have completed my Library Technical Assistant certificate and just applied for grad programs to get my Masters in Library and Information Science, with a focus on Young Adult and Teen Services.

This blog will predominantly focus on Young Adult and some Middle Grade fiction. I will also be posting adult fiction that would be great for young adults or is already popular in the YA community. I also plan on posting a variety of other fun information such as lists, recipes, movies, crafts, etc.

I post at another blog, The Founding Fields, as Lady Salvatore. Check it out, it’s a pretty awesome place! Links to this blog, my old blog, and guests posts can be found under the “Other Reviews” tab.

Looking forward to growing with you all!


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