The Falconer by Elizabeth May {Book Review}

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review!

The Falconer was everything that I wanted and more! I have recently picked up some other historical fantasy where the main character’s life is changed from ballrooms and dances to weapons and blood, but none of them hold a candle to The Falconer.

Aileanna was an incredibly believable character and was written very truthfully. She didn’t pretend to be another pretty face, she gave in to the urge she had to hunt the Fae and would let nothing get in the way of her mission of vengeance.

I really liked the author’s take on the Fae and reading a book where they are not all good. Historically faeries were not friendly beings, but over the years many stories are told that way. It was a lot of fun to read a story where even the “good” faerie can’t totally be trusted.

Full of interesting and fun (Derrick!) characters, this story is sure to attract a lot of readers. The steampunk setting also makes this a fun ride. I enjoyed that Aileanna uses her smarts to not only create some things stereotypical steampunk (i.e. flying ships, etc.), but also her own weapons to fight the Fae. She is a strong main character and one that readers can look up to.

I cannot wait to continue the series and see what happens next!


Book Club with Emma Watson?!

If you’re like me you’ve grown up reading Harry Potter and are absolutely in love with it.

“After all this time?”


Excuse me while I sob quietly in the corner for a minute…

Ahem, I’m back.

Well, if you did you had a favorite character. My favorite character, beyond a shadow of a doubt was Hermione GrangerA book nerd’s best friend, she was relatable and showed us all that it was okay to be smart, and to enjoy reading, and to be strong. When the movies came along, Emma Watson portrayed her brilliantly. She is now going to play another book girl’s favorite character, Belle, in the live action Beauty and the Beast. What more could this awesome woman do?

Why start a book club of course. That YOU can join!

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